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Environmentally Responsible

The facilities in which we work have both long and short term impacts on the overall environment and the productivity of the teams that inhabit them. RAM FS has been committed since our inception to provide our services in an environmentally responsible manner, sustainable services permeates our various services and culture.

Sustainable practices make good business sense and benefit all of the inhabitants of our planet. In the United States, facilities use large amounts of energy and water, and transforms land that provides valuable ecological benefits. Atmospheric emissions from the use of energy lead to acid rain, ground-level oxone, smog, and global climate change. Facilities account for approximately:

  • 65.2 % of total US electrical consumption
  • More than 36% of total US primary energy use
  • 30% of total US greanhouse gas emissions
  • 136 million tons of construction and demolition waste in the US (approximately 2.8 lbs/person/day)
  • 12% of potable water consumption in the US
  • 40% (3 billion tons annually) of raw materials used globally)

RAM FS can play a vital role in addressing environmental changes through the responsible stewardship of the operations we provide our clients. Our goal is to develop leading practices throughout our service lines that meet or exceed the requirements of environmental law and regulations.


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