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Window Cleaning

RAM FS understands that the exterior of your building is the first thing that patrons see. That's why we not only offer a complete array of window washing services, but we also offer window demineralization services. Often times, windows get mineral deposits due in part to infrequent or improper window washing. We have a specialized process that restores windows and rids them of the minerals that have deposited over a period of time.

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Window Washing  

We provide a wide array of window and exterior building cleaning solutions.

Window Cleaning   Window Demineralization - There are various methods for removing mineral deposits, our process is lengthy but very safe and effective. Mineral deposits are removed with fine rubbig pads and different rubbing compounds. Upon removing mineral deposits, a sealer can be applied to the windows to minimize the re-occurrence of water spots — the sealer must be monitored and periodically re-applied. Our window cleaning technicians are highly experienced in removing mineral deposits



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