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Plantscape Services

Making the investment to incorporate live plants into the office environment of your company is the initial step in making a better environment for all. Are your current plants looking less than vigorous? Give RAM FS plant experts a call for your professional plant service and take the worry out of your hands. Our business specializes in caring for plants of all varieties in corporate offices, and other organizations and keeping them thriving and healthy.

When you hire our plant care service, your plants will get:

  • Weekly watering, trimming and cleaning
  • A trained, knowledgeable plant care technician
  • Monthly fertilizer treatments
  • Quarterly qc visits from our production manager

Proper corporate plant design maintenance is critical, not only for the aesthetic value, but for the health of building occupants. Plants that have been allowed to deteriorate due to improper tending may grow mold or attract infestations which can trigger asthma and other respiratory conditions in humans.

Corporate Plant Design Maintenance

By hiring RAM FS plant experts to take care of your plant care service needs, you can feel confident that the job will be done with the care your plants need, as well as reliability and a standard of professionalism that is rare. Our service goes well beyond that offered by many of our competitors because of our commitment to excellent customer care and our ability to package other value added services for your organisation.

When our professional technicians make their weekly visits to carry out your corporate plant design maintenance, their presence is unobtrusive and never distracting. they will examine foliage and florals for any signs of distress, and deliver replacements the next week if necessary. These replacements come from quality local growers who provide us with only the healthiest specimens so your plants will always look and perform at peak beauty.

Please contact us for a free consultation, and find out what RAM FS can provide for you.

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